A Free Radical

Has a pronounced tendency to Combine

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Free Radical Ventures

Combines funding and guidance with seed-staGe technology firms 

to yield a new result that creates value for Each side.

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There's a renaissance in Oil & Gas.

Leaner. Smarter. More informed. More judicious.

Energy Technology is helping lead the way to sustained success.

The firms that bring forth these enabling technologies are critical catalysts.

Free Radical Ventures helps select early-stage E&P tech firms reach a growth trajectory and thrive.


Free Radical Ventures works alone or with preferred partners to provide Seed Stage funding and guidance to emerging energy technology firms.  

We help fill the niche between initial startup and Growth or Series A funding.


  • Software
  • Capital-light technologies
  • Data - unique data sets, analysis, and gathering methods

We provide:

  • Funding
  • Guidance
  • Connections
  • Hands-on oil patch experience


Free Radical Ventures is excited - ok, energized - to work with these enterprises: 


Vesmir, Inc.

Denver-area Vesmir offers its flagship SaaS service, PetroDE, the Petroleum Decision Engine.  PetroDE is the fastest, most comprehensive, and most user-oriented Oil & Gas Business Intelligence and Spatial Analytics system available.  Game-changing insights from marketplace and operator-proprietary data sets.  Free Radical and a partner provided Series Seed and follow-on funding in 2014 and 2015.

Well Data Labs, Inc.

Denver-based Well Data Labs provides a modern way to manage, analyze, and report frac data.  This intuitive, powerful, cloud-based environment is becoming the industry's go-to frac toolset, with completions engineers saying 'I want this now' at their first exposure.  Free Radical and partners provided Series Seed and follow-on funding in 2015, 2016, and 2017.

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Denver-based Wizdom delivers Title Examination solutions for the next generation. Wizdom provides public record management systems for real estate attorneys, oil and gas companies and independent title researchers. Free Radical joined early investors in a growth round in 2017.

Denver-area delivers step-change energy analytics tools through a robust SaaS platform.  cQuant's experienced energy analysts and quantitative model developers provide market analytics and model development to energy companies. eliminates 100% of the waiting, 100% of the risk and more than 80% of the cost of improving energy portfolio decisions.  Free Radical and a partner provided Seed funding in 2017. 


Calgary-based Ambyint provides articifial lift optimization through artificial intelligence, combining fit-for-purpose sensors, high-frequency connectivity, and the industry’s largest calibration data set.  Free Radical was a junior participant in a Growth round in 2017.


Austin-based Mineralsoft is the leading cloud-based mineral management software system, delivering royalty owners, mineral owners, and non-op interests full insight into their portfolio with minimal effort. Free Radical was a junior participant in their A round in early 2018. Successful exit to DrillingInfo in late 2018.


Denver-based Engage Mobilize provides operators and service firms an engagement management platform that transforms operations through digital workflow management.  Free Radical and its investing partner provided the bulk of the initial note round in 2018.


Denver-based Exum Instruments transforms resource play rock and fluid analysis with its next-generation mass spectrometer that is less expensive, more robust, smaller, and field-ready.  In this pre-revenue hardware investment (decidedly off-model, but it’s that good), Free Radical and its investing partner funded the initial note in 2018.

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Jim Thorson - Principal

Jim is Principal of Free Radical Ventures in Denver, CO, and is concurrently a founding partner of Pronghorn Operating, LLC, a private, Denver-based oil and gas operator. 

He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Geophysical Engineering magna cum laude from the Colorado School of Mines.

Jim spent 12 years with Shell Oil in Houston and New Orleans in exploration, development, and applied technology roles.  After returning to Denver, Jim joined and then founded and grew firms focused on exploration prospect and play generation and execution in the Gulf of Mexico and onshore unconventional plays.

He entered seed-stage energy technology funding as an outgrowth of direct energy investments.  He sees a beneficial parallel between oil and gas exploration and early-stage technology development, with success in each relying on analog calibration, carefully discerning and mitigating uncertainty, and portfolio aggregation for risk reduction. 

Jim enjoys helping foster the overall development of the Denver-area energy tech community.



The greater Denver area is a dynamic place for the development and growth of Energy Tech:

  • 60+ O&G Tech or data firms founded in the Front Range since 2010
  • 20+ longer-established O&G tech or data firms originated locally
  • 12+ successful exits of locally-originated O&G Tech/data firms

We're proud to be able to help cultivate the local energy tech scene, both hands-on and financially, in the following ways:


Denver Energy TEch Showcase

Emergent Energy Tech meets hundreds of hands-on E&P staff in an energetic, network-heavy environment.  Co-founder, original lead, and continuing tech exhibitors coordinator for this successful series.  Our 3rd iteration on May 8, 2018 was quite successful.

Energy TEch Mashup

Literally does what it says - brings together the diverse Energy and Tech communities from the greater Denver area for networking and insight.  FRV provides sponsorship, hands-on help, and pulls its weight on the beer.


Support various aspects of the exploding Entrepreneurship and Innovation scene at the Colorado School of Mines, session organizer for Denver Startup Week, mentoring, advising - all to keep these old brain cells fresh ;).



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